Digital certificate and digital identity on blockchain.

Certifications and authenticity of pieces of art on Ethereum blockchain

ArtID was created in 2018 aiming to protect and certificate artists and their pieces of art through blockchain.
We also created the “ArtID”, a specific cryptocurrency to certificate and purchase the artworks on the marketplace.
Arman, M. Schifano and C. Tolomeo are among the artists present on the platform.

– Smart contract
– Marketplace
– Digital certificate
– Digital identity


Total tokens


Emerging artists

+ 2.000

Artists and owners

+ 1.900

Certified artworks on blockchain

Digital certificate and ID

They are the company’s core business and can be purchased on the marketplace, using the official “ArtID” token.

The Digital Certificate consists of a set of pictures, information, and documents about a piece of art. Their authenticity and their content is verified and checked by an Authority.

The Digital ID consists of a set of pictures information, and documents about a piece of art, but there is no Authority who verifies and checks them.

ArtID- Arte e blockchian - Carpediem srl

Token ArtID

The ArtID token is the official currency of the entire project’s ecosystem. It was created to overcome the issues associated with all the international currencies. Artists who sell their artworks on the marketplace earn ArtID and people who purchase the artworks, buy them in ArtID.

ArtID - Balance - Carpediem srl
ArtID - Balance - Carpediem srl

Smart contract token
and Digital ID in Solidity
on Ethereum platform

ArtID’s digital certificates leverage blockchain technology on Ethereum and TomoChain platforms to enable the creation of an unchangeable and non-manipulable digital archive.
Smart contracts manage all the updates to the documentation files linked to an artwork. This allows the creation of a history of every change and document acquired.

ArtID - Capediem srl

Digital wallet app

ArtID’s mobile app can be found on the stores. It allows users to manage their token balance and consult the digital archives of the artworks uploaded to the system. The app is constantly evolving, just like the ecosystem of which it is a part of.

Next step? Artwork authenticity through AI

In 2021, the project integrated two revolutionary features:

  • The creation of an AI that allows people to use their mobile phones’ camera to recognize an artwork in the ArtID archive.
  • The establishment of temporary virtual exhibitions that people can visit through a VR viewer or their mobile device.