Banking / Insurance / Telco / Energy /
Healthcare Retail / Real estate

The blockchain will be disruptive, revolutionizing all areas where human intermediation has the sole purpose of controlling operations. In 2016 we started experimenting the use of blockchain in different fields. To date, we have 4 active projects, two of which could not have existed without this technology.

Parking go - Carpediem srl

Platform & Smart Contract Creation

We develop blockchain-based ecosystems for business transformation.
To date, we carried out several projects including ARTID
and GOTNET that use blockchain as a security measure to increase trust and transparency towards customers.

InitialExchangeOffering / SecurityTokenOffering

We take care of the technological development and management of all
the marketing components necessary for you to introduce your token foundraiser to the market. Thanks to our partners you can create your STO or IEO product quickly and effectively.

Major and Side Chain Experts

We help you choose the blockchain platform that best suits your needs. Our team works on SOLIDITY-based blockchains. We develop ETHEREUM, TOMOCHAIN and XDAI on mainnet. If you have previously worked on the Ethereum blockchain and the transaction costs have become unsustainable, we can help you migrate to another chain in total transparency and peace of mind.

Coding, Testing and Implementation

We offer a full service of development, test and deployment for your product on the blockchain. Our services use unit testing to minimize the possibility of bugs and to be able to proactively simulate the behavior of software in production.
Our goal is to help you introducing your product to market as quickly as possible while maintaining high standards of quality and ensuring a smooth experience.