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GOT Token
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Reward platform

Utility token and custom blockchain gamification reward based on ParkinGO customers' feedback

ParkinGO group, leading company of the sector and a true pioneer for customer service, commissioned us the development of its very own cryptocurrency (GOT) which can be used to pay for all of their services.

Smart contract
Gamification Reward App

ParkingGO - Blockchain Project - Carpediem srl

GOT token

GOT is the payment token that allows customers to purchase all the services of the ParkinGO group at reduced fares and through a revolutionary experience. Its existence proves that “cryptocurrencies” can be actually used in everyday life to buy tangible services.

ParkingGO - Blockchain Project - Carpediem srl

Blockchain gamification

But how to guarantee a premium service in all 90 car parks existing in Europe?
By putting them in competition with each other!
GOTnet is a reward system where users receive GOT in exchange for feedback and facilities/employees receive GOT in return when the feedback is equal to or greater than 4.

ParkingGO- Carpediem srl
ParkingGO- Carpediem srl

Come funziona lato utente

When coming back trom a trip, after the recollection of their vehicles, users will be asked to provide a feedback on the service based on 4 different aspects:


– Car care

– Cleaning

– Facility

After the submission of the feedback, users can collect tokens to be used for the purchase of ParkinGO services at a later stage.

How does it work for employees?

The employee shares their shift through the app. All feedback equal to or greater than 4 received during their timeslots (Check-in/check-out, car care, cleaning, transport) will unlock GOTs as a reward.

Thanks to the blockchain, all the rewards issued and the feedback provided are public and immutable.