ParkingGO International

GOT Token
& Blockchain
Reward platform

Utility token and custom blockchain
gamification reward based
on feedback from ParkinGO customers

The ParkinGO group, an industry leader and always at the forefront of customer service, asked us to develop its a utility token (GOT) with which users can access their services.

Smart contract
Gamification Reward App

ParkingGO - Blockchain Project - Carpediem srl

GOT token

The GOT is a utility token that provides access to all ParkinGO group services with a revolutionary experience.

 Its realisation is a demonstration that blockchain can be used in everyday life to acquire tangible services.

ParkingGO - Blockchain Project - Carpediem srl

Blockchain gamification

We then thought about how we could guarantee a very high level of service in all 90 car parks in Europe. How?
By putting them in competition with each other!
GOTnet is a reward system where the user receives GOT in exchange for a rating and the employee/facility receives GOT when the feedback is 4 or higher..

ParkingGO- Carpediem srl
ParkingGO- Carpediem srl

How it works on the user side

Upon return from their trip and after retrieval of the vehicle, the user will be asked to give feedback on the service based on a four-metre rating:
– Check-in / check-out
– Car care
– Cleaning
– Facility
At the end of the survey the customer receives tokens that can be used to purchase ParkinGO services.

How it works on the employee side

The employee communicates the start/end of his shift through the app.  From this moment on, all feedback of 4 or more received in the area in which he/she is working (check-in/check-out, car care, cleaning, transport) will unlock GOTs as rewards. 

Thanks to the blockchain, all rewards and feedback are public and immutable.