P2p platform
for car sharing

"Paperless" platform for sharing and renting cars among individuals. All guaranteed by GetMyCar Point certified locations.

Through collaboration with the ParkinGO group, we have ferried the GetMyCar platform to version 2.0. We performed a complete redesign and redesign of the previous platform bringing it to the Carpediem development standard: .net core & MongoDB

– Rebranding
– UX / UI design
– Illustrations
– Motion Graphic
– App “user”
– “location manager” app
– Backoffice
– Website


Active Users



+ 300

Cars loaded

Sharing user app
and rental

With GetMyCar’s app, sharing your vehicle is intuitive and immediate. The app is born completely paperless and the user can complete all steps of the sharing process, from payment to signing the contract, directly on the app. In addition, thanks to the innovative digital photo function during check-in and check-out, it will be possible to avoid any kind of damage dispute and loss of time.

App location manager

The location manager will no longer need a dedicated terminal or other instrumentation. All check-in, check-out, and credit and dispute management features can be found directly in the downloadable application on one’s mobile device. 

Getmycar - Share, noleggio - Carpediem srl

Sharing, rental,
damage card and contract signing.
All paperless!

The damage card allows you to create a history of your vehicle shares, noting before and after each trip both the damage and the level of fuel and kilometers driven. In addition, GetMyCar contracts are totally digital-no more paper waste. Save time and help the environment with GetMyCar

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