Olimpiadi Verdiane

Multidisciplinary sports event managment platform

Olimpiadi verdiane

Busseto, birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi, is the place where the Verdian Olympics have been held since 2014.
Since the first edition, the annual number of participants has grown steadily making manual management impossible. Our role was to optimize the entire registration and results management process and make it accessible from smartphones for staff and participants.

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Days of competition

Olimpiadi Verdiane app - Carpediem srl

Registration management

After the payment of a registration fee made by credit card or paypal, the flag bearer can choose the name of their team and invite team members directly from their address book. Each participant can upload their own certificates/documents to the app, optimizing the registration management work of the staff by 70%.

Olimpiadi Verdiane app - Carpediem srl
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Each player can access the personal and team records. From the personal section it is possible to access the race calendar, the map of events and the interactive ranking in real time.


The staff section grants a complete management of the event. It is possible to create competitions with different types of tournaments. Furthermore, it is possible to directly receive payment for registration and manage the sale of additional features such as a tent place or a presale for paid events.

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Group stage or knockouts

The system facilitates tournaments management by creating game calendars in both, the knockouts and in the group stage mode. It is also possible to set up a mixed tournament path that combines the two phases in order to have an initial group stage and the final knockouts.

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For each discipline it is possible to appoint judges to declare the winners and the scores of each individual challenge, so to update the tournament ranking in real time. All they have to do is open the platform and access to their dedicated judges profile.