Booking app for Petcare services

The very fist booking app for Petcare

In November 2019 we decided to become a technological partner and co-founder of the KPet project. The challenge was to build an ecosystem totally pet care-related. Find out how we helped them to grow from branding to publication on the stores.

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Kpet - booking app for petcare services - Carpediem srl
Kpet - booking app for petcare services - Carpediem srl

1 project, 2 apps

It became clear that the project had to be divided in two different applications for maintenance and updating reasons. KPet and KPet business applications were therefore created from a common codebase and managed thanks to continuos integration practices.

Kpet - 2app - Carpediem srl

User App


Available services


Registred pets

Usability and design were our main focus when we developed the client app. The main challenge was the creation of a search system that combined heterogeneous services in a single pattern in order not to confuse the user. After the first release we sent out a survey to the users in order to evolve and progress based on their feedback, needs and wants.

Kpet - App utente - Carpediem srl

Pet tab

Pets are central to the project. We created a pet card that serves as a virtual box for the pet’s data. The pet card features information ranging from clinical analyzes to prizes collected by the pet, so that it is available at any time.

App partner

Thanks to the KPet Business component, partners can manage and receive bookings for their services. They can acquire visibility by publishing offers and by being displayed on a filterable and geolocalized map.

Kpet - app partner - Carpediem srl

KPET Charity

A key step of the project was the creation of a section entirely dedicated to KPet Charity. This section features the map of pet-frendly places and the list of animals to be adopted. This section is constantly evolving and updating. On the official website information can be found at any time

Pet places

Interactive map of all pet-friendly places. Here you can search and find your next hotels and restaurants without having to stress about the puppy, it will always be welcome!

Food program

Part of the proceeds of KPet is donated to the food program. Animal associations can receive continuous contribution for food and equipment. Thanks to KPet, users can also help with the rescue and protection of puppies looking for a home.

Kpet Charity - Carpediem srl

Logo design & branding

Being completely new in the sector.
The logo and logotype had to communicate and identify the company’s values quickly and clearly, embracing the pet world without focusing on a single sector. The 1: 1 aspect ratio allows high recognition even at small sizes.

The concept of universality is underlined by the choice of using a wide palette of colors as “secondary colors” to support the KPET Blue.

The whole project featured an impressive design of gadgets, stickers, merchandise, flags and 3D installations.

Kpet - Business card - Carpediem srl
Kpet - Branding magliette - Carpediem srl
Kpet - Banding - Carpediem srl

Social media

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Through animated videos, illustrations and a set of carefully-picked images we gave life to the Facebook and Instagram pages. We used the conversions and posts in the “KPET Friends” group as a driver to optimize the contents of the conversion campaigns and storytelling activities, so to enrich the experience of the page in return. The result? Over 120,000 followers in 6 months. JOIN THE REVOLUTION