Metodo Mosaico®

Online coaching platform focused
on weight loss

A new way to approach diet

Metodo Mosaico® is a unique app. Michele Concas, the project creator, developed tailored solutions for weight loss aimed at people with different needs and body types. All these, even if addressed to the most diverse people share the same goal and mindset: to lose weight by listening to your body.

The app allows users to have Metodo Mosaico® coaches always at hand.

CRM system
UX / UI design
App development
One-to-one chat




Customized path





Accurate rebranding

The rebranding was essential to modernize the Brand Identity.
We choose a pastel palette and a sans serif font to facilitate the readability.
We recreated a simple and intuitive environment for all users by replacing images with illustrations.

All the illustrations were created ad hoc to provide the customer a unique and customized path.

Tailor made development

Metodo Mosaico® needs have evolved as the service itself has grown. The smart development employed has facilitated quick and modular software improvement, ensuring continuity in service to final customers.

Expansion facilitated by elastic coding

Metodo Mosaico® is a ever-changing project. An easy process allows the setup in a new country, without the intervention of any developer.

When new needs arise, they are immediately analyzed and solved through a targeted consulting in order to maximize the efficiency of those who work on the platform every day.