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We create conversion-focused products that are able to engage audiences and create brand image and awareness.

With us the result is guaranteed!

Softwares “Taylor made” / cloud solutions / Ai - Carpediem srl

“Tailor made” softwares
/ Cloud solutions / Ai

As with tailor-made suits, we analyze your needs and guide you in the digitalization of your business.
We create multi-platform softwares by using different technologies such as: .net core, MongoDb, VueJs and HTML5.

Thanks to frameworks such as OpenCV and Tensorflow, we create tangible applications that leverage computer vision and artificial intellingence to analyze big data and create predictive models. OpenCV especially allows us to make users interact in a completely new and innovative way.

Mobile Apps

We guide you in all the development stages of your mobile app, from the study of the user experience to its release in the stores.
We stand out because of our “mockup first” approach: we let our customer test all the features of the app before we start developing it.
This helps us to optimize costs and reduce production time.

Interaction Design

By means of computer vision we are able to create new kinds of technology-user interactions.
Interactive walls and floors, motion traking and facial recognition are just a few things that we can create.
Contact us to get an idea or a consultation on the realization of an interactive environment or installation!
The only limit is your imagination!

Branding & Re-branding

When we design a brand or a re-branding, we focus on the connection between product and final user.

We develop every aspect with the aim of making it recognizable, sexy and unique.
We tell your story through the study of every element, from the logotype to the brand identity, from the brand book to the mockups and gadgets.

Business Analysis

We want to understand your business first. Before implementing any digital operations we discuss your business and digitalization goals with you, and then we recommend the steps to take.
Our goal is to leverage or create new technologies to reach new horizons together with you.