Nexyiu Car

Platform for long-term rental and sale

All in one platform

Our team has built an innovative, totally paperless platform designed to meet the possible needs of customers and allow contracts to be closed directly
in the platform.

– Platform development
– Backoffice
– UX / UI design
– Website







Totally paperless

Unlike all other long-term rental services, Nexyiu Car allows the management of requests totally in platform.
The offer is signed by digital signature, and all the customer has to do is pick up the chosen vehicle.

Nexyiu Car
Nexyiu Car

All tailored

The user, thanks to the special section, can select the interested machine and create a quote tailored to his or her interests.
With the help of the message section, employees can view customer requests and respond by formulating new customized quotes as needed.

Nexyiu Car


The backoffice is designed to allow simple and total management.
It is designed to allow the admin to manage requests and assign them to the various vendors who will be able to formulate offers, select the services provided, manage messages, car models, and partner brands.

Nexyiu Car